Bishop P. O. Rodgers

This week, Bishop Rodgers teaches from Acts 6:1-7 on "Ministry Maintenance." The church has warded off front attacks, but sometimes the devil can use a small event to cause havoc in the church. When the apostles found out the widows were being ignored, they did not blame anyone. Instead, they made the people part of the solution. Delegation is at the heart of developing followers. The ministry increased through spiritual delegation and discipleship, and others grew spiritually. We must never forget the lessons of the early church: Don’t blame and deal with the problem openly. This can reduce criticism and murmuring. As believers, we must be very conscious of how we describe situations. We can easily begin to murmur or complain and this makes the devil smile. We pray as you listen to this message, you will understand the purpose of serving and lay any church hurts at the feet of Jesus. 



Bishop P. O.

Bishop P. O.  founded our church over 30 years ago with his wife Pastor Barbara. He has a strong passion to teach the word of God with boldness and without fear. Bishop has served the public, not only as pastor, but also as a police officer for 32 years. His goal is to see the will of God fulfilled in every person and to live out his full calling in Christ.